Bachelor of Arts in International Relations

This degree gives students an understanding of the world and analyzes the nature of modern global relationships. Due to interdisciplinary nature of international relations, the student develops broad critical thinking skills in politics, economics, culture, and history. Through analysis of contemporary issues, students develop specialized skills that combine theory and practice within the field. Students explore the interconnectedness of global economies, societies and cultures through a focus on civic engagement and social responsibility. This core of the degree focuses on the central concerns of international relations - diplomacy, foreign policy analysis, international organizations, global development, and international relations theory. The BA in International Relations degree provides an excellent foundation for careers in government agencies, the diplomatic service, international organizations, world trade and finance, and international media careers.

Degree Program Objectives

Graduates of this degree will be able to:

  • Distinguish the political, economic, social, and security theories, methods, and historic patterns of international relations as applied to contemporary issues and actors within the world system.
  • Explain the process and implications of interdependence among individuals, groups, states, and regions in the context of globalization.
  • Analyze the theories, assumptions, and causes of conflict within international systems as related to the institutions of international law, diplomacy, and world order, including the prospects for sustainable peace. 
  • Assess the unique principles, structure, organization, and impact of international organizations and other non-state actors within the international system of states.
  • Evaluate the multidimensional effects of globalization and integration as applied to issues in human security, conflict resolution, and sustainable economic development.

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