Whether you’re a seasoned IT professional or just getting started in the field, continuing your security education is essential for your career. 82% of employers are looking for cybersecurity skills right now, and with many organizations going fully remote during the COVID-19 crisis, network security is becoming a top priority.

Learn the skills you need to be essential at any organization with a cybersecurity certificate course from New Horizons. From Information System Security to Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking, we have courses that will enhance your current skills or give you a solid foundation in cybersecurity fundamentals.

Cybersecurity Certificate Topics

Online LIVE® Courses

Our innovative Online LIVE® platform brings the classroom to you, wherever you’re located. Learn from a live instructor, ask questions, and interact with your peers, all from the comfort of your home. Plus, our online labs give you let you put your new knowledge to work with practical applications.

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