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New Horizons recognizes that business leaders are not merely looking for training sessions that will help their employees fulfill a certain task or simply prepare them for a specific certification exam. We understand that organizations are looking for real answers to real business problems, which is why we have developed our Solutions for Upgrading People.

For more than 30 years, we've been partnering with businesses just like yours to develop tailored learning solutions, and during that time, we've identified several of the most common areas in which clients have expressed a need for growth, development, and world-class training.

Below are our featured solutions, each of which showcase our key associated training, relevant articles, live and recorded webinars, informative whitepapers, and more.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is the application of digital technologies to improve the performance or reach of a business, and it will continue to be an important topic for companies across the globe.

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Unlocking Big Data Insights

While most businesses are aware of the need to gather, access, organize, and analyze big data in order to remain competetive, many are asking themselves, "How?".

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Security 360: Assessment, Prevention & Analysis

From guarding against attacks to creating an effective response plan, everyone in your organization has to take part in keeping your information secure.

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Modernizing Your Server Infrastructure

Does your infrastructure support Cloud initiatives, including BYOD? Migrating from an older to more modern infrastructure supports both these current trends and allows for increased performance, increased security, and lower TCO.

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Increasing Business Agility with Virtualization

Virtualization introduces many solutions for traditional IT problems and also adds a layer of flexibility to any IT department. However, for all of its upside, virtualization isn't magic and can introduce some new challenges.

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Capitalizing on the Cloud

Moving IT functions to the cloud is a smart choice for many businesses. However, it's important to consider how cloud computing has and continues to change the face of corporate IT.

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Successful Project Management

Organizations of all sizes benefit from an experienced and well-trained project management team. However, Project Management is a multi-faceted discipline that requires a multi-dimensional approach to learning.

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Improving Your Service Desk

Many organizations maintain multiple tiers of support that require different levels of skill and different training needs, so it’s important to identify areas of improvement for the management of the Service Desk to ensure success.

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The Business of IT

In recent years, the IT landscape has dramatically shifted. IT leaders are now being asked to step out of the comfort zone of technology and become leaders, managers, and savvy business people.

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