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Mentored Learning®

New Horizons’ Mentored Learning method puts time back in your hands with flexible course schedules that give you the freedom to acquire valuable new skills around your schedule and stay productive. You can target your training so you learn only what you need without spending time on what you already know. Here is a list of the most popular classes available for Mentored Learning.

Most Popular Courses Available in Mentored Learning

Mentored Learning Praha Course List

Mentor Schedule

As you progress and learn, a professional New Horizons instructor is at your side to answer questions, provide tailored instruction, or coach you through the course work that you can schedule around your day. This personal, hands-on approach will give you a stimulating, unique, and effective learning environment. Our Mentored Learning certified instructors are available to answer questions and ensure you comprehend the course material and you can schedule your mentoring to fit your schedule. Schedule time with a mentor anytime during the two hour blocks.