Master of Science in Information Technology

The explosive growth of the Internet has enabled Information Technology (IT) to become the core business driver in organizations; it gives organizations the competitive edge in developing and delivering products and services to the marketplace. Information Technology has been identified as a National Critical Infrastructure by the Department of Homeland Security and, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, three of the top ten fastest growing occupations are IT related. This rapid growth in IT has generated a significant demand for credentialed Information Technology, Information Technology Management, Information Assurance, Information Systems Security, and Digital Forensics Professionals to be productive difference makers in our global Ecommerce-based economy. The Master of Science in Information Technology was designed to meet the educational component of this market need for credentialed IT professionals. This degree program focuses on the theory, principles, best industry practices, methodologies, tools, and technologies associated with the Information Technology Marketplace. It uses scholarly research methods to develop analytic, problem-solving, and research skills that are required to solve real world business problems.

This degree program is market driven and prepares learners to exploit the high demand for IT professionals in various market sectors. It focuses on the development and implementation of information systems and includes topics such as database systems, object-oriented analysis and design, IS architectures, IT project management, security, and computer forensics. Students completing this IT program can apply for a broad range of IT-related positions, such as Systems Analyst, Business Systems Analyst, Enterprise Systems Analyst, Infrastructure Architect, Systems Analyst, Database Analyst, Application Development Manager, IT Project Manager, IT Security Manager, IT Security Analyst, Disaster Recovery Manager, Forensics Analyst, and E-Discovery Specialist.

This program has specific admission requirements.

Degree Program Objectives

In addition to the institutional and general education level learning objectives, the Master of Science in Information Technology also seeks the following specific learning outcomes of its graduates:

  • Analyze selected research methods and tools.
  • Utilize graduate level critical thinking, reasoning, and writing to defend the logic and the conclusions in scholarly research.
  • Appraise the processes, phases, domains, and measures for effectively managing complex IT projects.
  • Examine the methodologies, tools, technologies, and practices to analyze, design, and develop object-oriented applications.
  • Design, normalize, and optimize enterprise database systems.
  • Examine the principles and challenges in incorporating emerging network architectures, technologies, and protocols into information technology systems.
  • Examine the legal, social, ethical, and technical issues related to information systems and to securing information systems.
  • Appraise the vulnerabilities of information systems with respect to security and examine the methodologies to mitigate this risk.
  • Perform in-depth research and critical analysis on thesis subject or creative project.

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