Master of Arts in Entrepreneurship

The Master of Arts of Entrepreneurship degree is designed for students seeking to pursue a business venture or manage an entrepreneurial enterprise. Graduates will be exposed to practical application of business theory in marketing, management, finance, and the online experience involved with running a business. Developed to provide specialized knowledge for budding entrepreneurs, this program will expose students to key concepts and faculty members that will help to lend direction to their entrepreneurial plans.

Degree Program Objectives

In addition to the institutional and degree level learning outcomes objectives, this degree also seeks the following specific learning outcomes of its graduates. With reference to each of the respective areas of entrepreneurship, graduates in this degree program will be able to:

  • Design marketing strategies to effectively target the needs of current and future customers.
  • Develop mission statements, vision statements, and business strategies to obtain and sustain various marketing segments to increase growth potential.
  • Use analytical financial tools to conduct business analysis and to communicate reasoning for business decisions.
  • Evaluate current business needs and the need for changes in policies and procedures by using advanced analysis techniques to determine their interdisciplinary applicability.
  • Analyze the legal, regulatory, and compliance issues affecting the entrepreneurial environment Compare and contrast various managerial approaches, specifically their effect on the individual, group, and organization.
  • Integrate advanced business analysis and the use of various data tools into alternative evaluation in the discovery and implementation of possible solutions to business problems.
  • Prepare financial forecasts as part of a comprehensive business plan.
  • Design a comprehensive business plan and pitch.

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